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Asking Your Guides For Help

Life can sometimes be a difficult journey. We may be going along quite nicely and suddenly we are thrown a curve ball, sometimes that big that it totally knocks us sideways.

It can be overwhelming but we get on with it because we have to. We navigate it doing the best that we can with what we have.

It is at times like this that I highly recommend that you speak to your guides and ask them for their help. Even if you haven’t spoken to them before, it really doesn’t matter, for they don’t mind.

They are there to support you, to help you, to give you a boost, to send you healing.

Speak to them, tell them how you are feeling. Ask them to take your worries away and send you a solution or a way forward.

Ask them for the money that you need to pay your bills and watch it start to come in. You have to trust that it will mind you. I did this for 18 months and they never let me down, every month the bills were paid. It truly was magical.

I had to believe though, which was quite difficult at the time. But after a couple of months of seeing it happen I knew that they had my back.

Ask for the additional strength that you may need to deal with a situation. Ask them to guide you and help you.

They do not judge you or frown upon you. They understand that this part is a fraction of your life that you are here to go through. But they are here to help us, I promise you that much.

Even on the darkest days, when you may feel that you are on your own, your guardian angel is there with you. Waiting to help you. All you need to do is reach out to them and talk to them.

And it really is as easy as just saying ‘Hello Angel please can I talk to you’. The answer will always be yes. No rituals are need, just manners, your “pleases and thank you’s”.

Even if you cannot hear them or feel them around you yet, don’t worry because they will be there and will be listening to you. After all they are waiting to hear from you.

The conversations may be a little one sided to start with, but they will have heard you and will start to send you signs and assistance will come your way.

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