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Coping With These Emotional & Turbulent Times

Over the last few weeks I have found myself being triggered by other people’s behaviour, views and attitude. More so than usual, I have to say.

I often find myself feeling angered or saddened by other people’s words or actions.

There appears to be a lot of negative energy around at the moment, and even though I am aware of it, I have found myself on a few occasions, being pulled into it all.

Obviously, we can’t help but feel saddened and emotional about the environmental disasters that are happening in the world at the moment. Especially those of us who are empaths and feel the pain of others and of the planet.

Then we have the world of politics to witness, which can bring up a lot of anger, anxiety, frustration and fear too.

So, it is coming at us from all angles at the moment and I reasoned that if I am being triggered and feeling like this then maybe you are too.

Plus, if we are feeling it, then you can bet your bottom dollar that children and animals are feeling it too and you may notice that their behaviour is different.

How Can We Deal With This?

When I start to feel triggered, I ask myself these questions?

Is this my stuff?

If I get a ‘no’ - then I I need to learn from it?

Do I need to do something about it?

If I get a ‘yes’ - I ask what I need to learn and how can I do it?

Or what action do I need to take?

If it is my stuff, then I look at it and work out what I need to do. That way I can learn and let go of that which is triggering me.

I also take what I am being shown to meditation to see how to work with what is coming up for me.

I may also journal on it and take notice of the messages and thoughts that come through for me.

Breath work and Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping) can help me to find a way through what is coming up for me and I use this quite often.

Then I clear the emotions that have been coming up for me.

Sending Out Love

When I feel powerless, or I feel as though I have to take some action to help matters, then I will send out love to the person or situation concerned.

To some this may sound ridiculous, especially if the person concerned isn’t coming from a particularly good place or doing horrible things.

However, the way I look at it is, there are two main energies - Love and Fear. I and many others believe that love is the more powerful of these two energies.

And that by sending out love to a situation or a person, you are diffusing the situation and hopefully helping that person to eventually see what they are doing and then hopefully starting to change.

By sending out love you are helping others in the world to feel better too. Because being in a high vibrational energy, such as love, will help others and enable them to feel better about themselves and their situations.

Being in a lower vibrational energy can be so tiring and exhausting, especially for empaths and if they are in a low energy their whole life will be affected.

Cleansing My Energies

It is important to clear any sadness, fear, anger, anxiousness, irritability and sorrow that isn’t yours, out of your own energy field.

I do this exercise daily, once in the morning, and again in the evening before going to bed.

I imagine standing under a waterfall of pure love and light. With my doubts, fears and anger being washed away from me and into the ground to be healed.

If I find myself in the presence of a negative person, then I will ensure that I clear my energies then too.

I do this by imagining the above, or by brushing their energy off of mine, as if I was brushing off some specks of dust.

Walking around with someone else’s energies on you can make you feel very uncomfortable. Once you have cleared them, you will notice that you feel a whole lot better.

Power Up

After I have cleansed I power up, by either actually standing under the warmth of the sun and bringing the rays down to me; fuelling my body with its strength.

Or if I can’t physically do it, then I imagine myself in a field bringing the sun down.

I sometimes use the power of the moon too, depending on how I am feeling.

This is also a very powerful experience.


Once, I am cleansed and empowered then I protect my energies by bringing down the light from the divine and imagining it as a sheath of light covering my physical and energetic bodies entirely.

Raising The Vibration

If I have been feeling very low, or down it may take a bit more for me to feel on a good vibration.

So after doing all of the above, I then raise my own vibrations by doing some of my favourite things.

  • Being out in nature really helps me.
  • I often put on ‘feel good’ music to raise my energies.
  • I have a dance around, or at least move my body to get the energy flowing again.
  • I go out for a long walk.
  • Do a yoga practice.
  • Swim.

They are my emergency ‘go to’ methods.

You may have your own ways of raising your energies so that you feel good about yourself again.

If you do, then use them to raise you up.

More Drama To Come

I feel that we may have a lot more of this to do over the coming years, as the old beliefs, paradigms, systems and structures start to shift and change.

So it is good to have your own emergency procedures in place to help you not to get caught up in the drama etc.

Remember, to teach others and help them to do it too, so that they don’t get caught up in situations that aren’t theirs.

To enable them to cope in these turbulent times, whilst maintaining their own vibrations.

I would be interested to hear what strategies you use to combat these lower energies. So please do let me know.

With love Isobel x

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