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How to Work with Your Angels: My Top Tips Part 1

Many people don’t realise that they have a whole host of angels waiting to assist them with every aspect of life. Lots of people are familiar with Guardian Angels, but did you know that your own Guardian Angel is there to help you to navigate your time on this earth? This isn’t something that is taught in school or even talked openly about in wider society. In fact, the people I know who already work with their angels often keep it quiet for fear of being ridiculed by others–despite the, sometimes life-changing, success they have with their angelic communications.

You’re Not Alone! Your Angels Have Your Back

Before I started to work with my angels, the idea that I have a whole host of beings around me waiting to help me never even crossed my mind. And to be honest, back then, had it have done, I would probably have dismissed it as being ridiculous and not have even entertained the idea. But as soon as I started to work with them and learned how to ask for their help, I was astonished each time their assistance came through in such clear ways. It was incredible, magical and often mind blowing.

My angels have helped me on numerous occasions, with things I’d never have thought I could ask for help with–from simple things like getting a tight lid off a jar and clearing traffic queues (oh yes, you can actually do that!), to ‘bigger’ things like bringing in money for me when I desperately needed it and helping me to find love. They listen when I need an ear, alleviate my worries and light the path to the solutions, and instigate meetings and opportunities for me. The list goes on and on. They really are awesome.

Learn How to Work with Your Angels – My Top Tips

So – you’re convinced? You want to learn how to work with your own angels? It’s surprisingly easy when you know how. Over the next three posts, I will share my top tips for learning how to talk to and work with your angels and spirit guides. Today we will look at the importance of believing, asking, and telling. Then we’ll discuss the signs you may receive from your angels and how to interpret them, and finally we will look at the actions you yourself may have to take in order to work with your angels and receive their help.

Let’s get you working with your angels!

1. Believe in Your Angels

Believing that angels actually exist, let alone the fact that you are supposed to have your own angel, can be difficult to perceive when you first start to work with them. I mean, it’s not like you can see, hear, or feel them around you. Some people can, but many can’t, and that’s okay, you don’t have to see to believe. You can still ask for and receive help from them.

Having said that, have you ever been doing a menial task, such as washing up or preparing dinner and seen lights out of the corner of your eye? Or felt the presence of someone over your shoulder, only to look around and not see anything? Or have you been in a situation where you appear to have escaped an accident, or even death, when logically you shouldn’t have done? These are signs that your angels are close to you and helping you, trying to reassure you and assist you.

It can be difficult to believe that they are there though. So, until you have had some personal proof coming through for you (which you will!) keep an open mind. Just be open to receiving the help from them and try not to have any blocks and limiting beliefs in place. Don’t be too fixed on how they will show up for you either. People often expect to see white feathers–a favourite sign of the angels, but you will see, hear, and even smell other things too. So stay positive and open minded, that is the best approach and as the results come in you will soon believe without even having to try.

2. Ask your Angels for Help

You may read books or listen to other angel experts who suggest that you go to organised meditation, sit by an angel altar or partake in a specific ritual to connect with your angels. All of these are wonderful ways to connect, but you certainly don’t have to do any of these to speak to your angels. I ask for the help of my angels for many everyday things while I’m out and about or in the middle of doing something, and so to conduct a ritual or a meditation may not be practical at all. And I don’t know about you, but having to think about sitting down to meditate during a busy day would be just too much for me!

So, I just ask for divine help as and when I need it. This could be in the car, in a supermarket, walking the dog or some other public place. If you prefer to have a quiet place to sit and talk to your angels then please do so. Basically, whatever feels most comfortable for you, then do it.

To ask for help from your angels, all you need to do is… ask! Like you’d ask a friend for a lift or your partner to show you how to use the Sky box–just ask. You can also ask in your head or even in writing in a journal if you feel silly asking out loud. I use my manners and I am always courteous and polite and I just ask away like I’m talking to my best friend, because after all that is what they are to me. You can even ask your angel to come in and give you a hug. Yes, honestly you can! If I can’t sleep at night, I often ask my guardian angel to come and lie with me until I get off to sleep. I bet there are some raised eyebrows now – but remember, believe! 🙂

3. Tell Your Angels What You Want

As well as asking for things from your angels, they’re also there for you to talk to in general and share with in general.

Tell them your worries & concerns

As we all know, worrying doesn’t do any good at all. Instead of solving any problems, worrying about things usually just ends up amplifying them and wasting energy. If you share your worries with your angels it helps to lessen the burden for you. Plus, if you ask them to take your worries away and show you a solution, then they will – just remember to look for the little signs pointing you in the right direction.

Tell them what you’re manifesting

If you have something you want to bring into your life, such as a new job, a soul mate, or a house, your angels can help you with this too. Good, eh! Get as clear as you can on what you want to have before you ask them for their help, try not to keep on changing your mind. For example, if you want a new house and you want a four bedroom detached house, then don’t say ‘But I don’t mind if it’s a two bedroom terraced house…’ Tell them what you would actually like to have. Be specific. Think of it like this, if you went into Starbucks and vaguely told the barista ‘I want a coffee’, you could end up with a black Americano, or you could be given a blonde oat milk latte, extra dry, with cream. You see how being clear can be important in helping deliver what you really want?

So spend some time properly defining exactly what you want and write a list. When you know you’ve got it right then ask away! But don’t get wrapped up in being perfect either, don’t stress about it. After all, your angels knows you better than you know yourself and they are used to you and your ways. So just be you, and always ask from your heart instead of from your ego.

So these are your first steps to learning how to work with your angels! What do you think? I’d love to hear how you get on and how your own angels show up for you!

Look out next week for part 2 of my top tips for working with your angels.

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