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How to Work with Your Angels: My Top Tips Part 2

If you missed last week’s post on getting started with working with your angels, you can read it here. If you’re back for the next steps, then read on!

So once you’ve allowed yourself to believe in your angels and begun asking them for help and telling them your worries and dreams, the next step is to trust:

4. Trust Your Angels

While waiting for signs and learning to work with their angels, people can sometimes begin to lose confidence and faith in the process. Once you’ve asked your angels for help, then it’s important to trust that they have heard you and that they are working away to bring your request to fruition. As modern humans we want everything to happen straight away, and sometimes they do. But other times we have to wait longer for what we want. Being kept waiting can lead us to thinking our angels haven’t heard us, or aren’t helping us. I have even heard people say “I haven’t seen a white feather for ages, I think my angel has abandoned me!”

This really isn’t the case at all, they will always be there with you. Some things just take a little longer to deliver. Here is the thing, your angels can see the whole of your life, including the situation that you are in now in relation to where you want to be. They can see where you are headed and what you are asking for may not be the right thing for you at this specific time. They may even have something better lined up for you, which needs exact timing to orchestrate. They may also be asking you to do something yourself in the meantime to help the process, this is called DIVINE TIMING. This might mean that you have to be patient and learn to wait. Patience is often a life lesson for many people, me included by the way!

The Power of Positivity & Presence

Whilst you are waiting, notice what thoughts and emotions are coming up for you. These could be feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, worry and disbelief (negative beliefs). Or hopefully, feelings of excitement, anticipation and happiness (positive beliefs). The aim is to turn any negative beliefs into positive ones. In the universal Law of Attraction, a positive outlook will bring in positive things to your life and negative outlook will bring in more things to feel negative about – like attracts like! So try and turn any negative feelings and words into positive ones.

Another thing that you can do whilst you are patiently waiting, is to be PRESENT. Be in the now, and make the now as positive an experience as you can, rather than projecting into the future and continually assuring yourself, ‘I will be happy when…’. Even if life is difficult for you at the moment, there will always be something to be thankful for or to make you smile. You may have to look for it, but there will be something. Participating in your favourite activity, reading, watching your favourite film, listening to music, eating a lovely meal or spending time with family and friends. All of these and more, can help you to be positive and thankful for the now.

Trust that your angels are working with you

If you are worried about something and you’ve asked for a solution and you are waiting for it to come in, you can always talk to your angels about it. I remember a few years ago when life was very difficult for me, I asked my angels for help, and while I was waiting for it to come in I used to talk to them about it. I would say, “Angels, I know you are helping me with this situation and I am very grateful, but I am human and I am worrying about it! Please take my worries away and help me to stay strong whilst I wait–thank you.” Whatever is going on, just trust that they are working on your behalf to bring you the best result, and stay open to the ways they may deliver what you asked for–it may not always arrive in the way you’re expecting, and that just makes it all the more exciting and magical.

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