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How to Work with Your Angels: My Top Tips Part 3

So, now you know how to work with your angels and how to ask for help and guidance (have a read of part 1 and part 2 of this How to Work with Your Angels Series if you missed them!), but how do you interpret your angel’s responses?

Your angels will communicate with you in all manner of ways. They will talk to you and you may hear them as if you’re having a normal conversation with someone, but more often than not you will hear the words in your head. Other than audible communication, you might start to see and feel other signs your angels are sending to let you know they are there.

Signs from Your Angels & How to Interpret Them

  • Feelings or a knowing about something – you’ll feel your intuition kicking in. Listen to it!!

  • Sensing something around you, even if you can’t see it.

  • Actually seeing your angel or lights out of the corner of your eyes.

  • Specific odours that you cannot pinpoint

  • White feathers in unusual places

  • Butterflies and/or dragonflies where you wouldn’t usually see them, or seeing them more frequently

  • Birds getting closer to you than normal

  • Synchronicities–seeing the same thing a number of times. Or hearing something mentioned a number of times in different circumstances. (One of my friends used to see 3 white Fiat 500s in a row whenever her angels were trying to get her attention. It became a bit of a standing joke).

  • Specific, repeated numbers or number patterns. 11 or 1111 is a common angelic number pattern used for communication.

  • Music–you might hear certain songs playing apparently randomly or a particular song might come on with lyrics which answer the question you posed to your angels, or that offers words of advice to your problems

  • Words on a billboard or on a page of a magazine you open on that answer your question

  • A breeze through the trees or hedgerow as if in answer to a question that you have asked

There are many ways for your angels to get your attention and a lot of it depends upon how you best receive the signs and whether you’re more open to seeing, hearing or feeling them.

My Tips for Interpreting Angelic Communication

  • When you first start learning how to work with your angels you may not have a clue what they are trying to tell you–it’s not always easy at first! Don’t be afraid to ask for more help from your angels. They are very patient and will send signs and communication to you in a way that you can better interpret. If you think know what it is that they are trying to say to you, then confirm it with them, ask them if you’re right. You may then get a sensation, such as a need to cry, a quick chill, the hairs on your arms standing on end or a flip of your tummy, or another encounter with the sign they’re using to communicate with you–take this an acknowledgement that you are correct with your assumption.

  • When you receive a sign remember to say thank you. This confirms to your angels that you have recognised the sign and also of course it is just being polite and showing that all-important gratitude.

  • Have an open mind. Keep on practising on working with your angels and over time it will all start to make sense, get easier, and become a part of your day. Plus, with practice your angels will find the best way to get the messages through to you.

Time to Take Action!

But what if you’re just not receiving signs? Or what if the signs seems to be asking you to do something?! This is not uncommon. Some things that you have asked for will come in almost straight away, others you may have to wait for a while, but they will come, and sometimes you will be asked to take some ACTION yourself before what you have asked for can materialise. This could be for a few reasons:

  • Maybe you need to let go of things that no longer serve you, to make space for the new.

  • It may be that you would benefit from some healing or counselling to help you to get through a difficult patch that you are going through.

  • It could be that you are being asked to “step up” in life and start to be the person that you came here to be.

  • You may be being guided to change jobs, or to stand up to someone who is treating you unfairly to instigate momentum, put you on the right path, or teach you a valuable life lesson.

  • Maybe you are being guided to go somewhere, even if you aren’t sure why yet.

Some of the things that you are being guided to do may feel uncomfortable, although you may know deep down that they are the right thing to do but by following and acting upon this guidance you will start to move forward in the right direction and things will start to improve and start to flow and in the long run it will be beneficial. Remember that whilst you are navigating these changes your angels will be by your side supporting and guiding you, you will not be on your own.

You do of course have “free will” and you can decide not to do what they are suggesting to you. This is absolutely fine by the way, and your angels will honour your decision. They will not be cross or disappointed with you, nor will they abandon you. They will love you unconditionally whatever you decide to do.

Good luck with working with your angels! I’d love to hear your stories of how you work with your own angels – what signs do you receive? Have your angels helped you with something incredible? Have you ever seen your angels?

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