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Psychic Attack

I want to talk to you about psychic attack, what it means, how it can feel when you are experiencing it, and what you can do about it.

Now before you think that it won’t happen to you, because of whatever reason, maybe because you don’t do the same work that I do, you make sure that you protect your energies or whatever else you believe.

Let me tell you that even though I protect myself daily and I am very aware of energy around me, I still find myself under psychic attack on occasions and it isn’t a very nice thing to have to go through.

Why I am being called to write about this today is that I am seeing some of my clients and people that I respect, going through the mill with people on and off line.

It doesn’t have to come via strangers or trolls online either it can be from friends, acquaintances and family.

Although to be fair I don’t think that these people always know what they are doing and if they became aware of the effect that they were having then they would be so shocked.

What Is Psychic Attack?

Psychic attack happens when someone, or some people, send you negative thoughts or emotions, either consciously or unconsciously.

These thoughts can be feelings of jealousy, dislike, anger and even hatred - that sort of lower vibrational energy.

These waves of negative energy can have a physical and emotional effect on you. Especially if you are an empath or highly sensitive person, because you pick up energies easily.

Some people go out of their way to cause you pain and discomfort, they can deliberately set the intention to sabotage the work that you are doing.

Or they may not be so devious, however the words, feelings and emotions that they send your way can have a debilitating effect on you.

In fact, you could also inadvertently be sending these patterns out to others without even realising what you are doing. Even by thinking such thoughts as:

  • “Oh no not again, what is she going on about now!”
  • “What does she look like in that dress?”
  • “He gets on my nerves, he is so full of his own importance.”
  • “I am so angry with him, why did he have to do that”

It is so easily done.

How Do You Know When You Are Under Psychic Attack?

  • Well you may find yourself feeling anxious or frightened for no apparent reason.
  • You may be teary, crying easily. Maybe crying and not knowing why.
  • You may feel extremely tired and fatigued, even though you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.
  • You may feel nauseous or may be vomiting for no particular reason.
  • You may have a tight feeling in your solar plexus and you may find yourself wanting to protect it, by folding your arms across it.
  • You may have unexplained physical pains, they may feel like hot stabbing pains.
  • You may feel breathless, or you find it hard to catch your breath.
  • You may lose your voice.

  • Often you feel just ‘out of sorts’, you know something is happening but you can’t put your finger on what it is.

  • Also things may be happening at home or work that are extraordinary.

  • Perhaps tasks that usually just get done are not going your way.

  • Technology may be failing you, or deals or sales may be falling through for no apparent reason.

Now clearly these things may not indicate that you are under psychic attack, often more times than not, there can be another reason for why you are feeling like this.

NB: And please whatever you do, if you feel ill and are in pain then get medical advice, that is so important.

But if you are feeling and experiencing these things over a period of time, then check in with yourself and ask yourself or your guides what is going on.

You may even know who it is that is doing this to you, although I would refrain from confronting them, as this can lead to more problems in one way or another and the likelihood is that they are not going to agree to your accusations, even if they know perfectly well that you are correct.

What you can do is block them on social media, email and telephone if it is appropriate to do so.

What You Can Do If You Suspect That You Are Under Psychic Attack.

If you are feeling it in your physical body, then take some deep breaths and try and calm down.

You have this in hand and you can sort it out, so relax as much as you can.

Breath deeply and ask for the energy to leave you. Tell it to get out.

Take control and command that it leaves your body (if you do this then it has to go).

I would also call upon Archangel Michael, say something such as:

“Archangel Michael I think that I am under psychic attack, please can you come in and help me?”

He will be in immediately.

He may suggest that you breathe in pants, as if you are giving birth, a few short, quick pants. (I know that when I am feeling it then I just naturally do this, as if expelling the energy).

He will take control, will clear the energy and will also cut any cords with that energy too.

He will leave you clear.

He will then protect your energy field and will also ask Archangel Raphael to send in some healing light to you.

Both Archangels will send unconditional love to you and to the person or persons who are sending this out to you.

Cleansing Your Energy Body and Physical Space

You can imagine having a spiritual shower, washing your aura clean.

Then power up and put your protection on.

If you are not sure how to do this, then you can sign up for my Protect Your Energy mini series here

You can use a smudge stick to cleanse your physical space, again asking for the energy to leave your home and space. Be firm and command it to leave (it has to do so).

I have also put small bowls of salt around the home, which attract in the negative energy and help to protect you.

Plus I put a circle of salt around the house too. Nobody needs to know what you are doing by the way, chances are they won’t even notice it.

Send out your beautiful white light and love to those people who are attacking you, the light is more powerful than the darkness.

You are not intending to hurt them, the light will help them to see things differently and hopefully refrain from doing it again.

Also send out forgiveness to those that have sent this energy through to you. This is so important, you are not condoning their actions, but you are also not being held in that space. Forgiveness will help with it.

If you don’t know who it is then just set the intention that is going to get to them and it will, so will the light.

Try to refrain from sending out negative thoughts to them, this can be hard to do, but it will just fuel whatever is going on in their world.

As I say when you are under attack and you know where it is coming from it can be very difficult not to get cross and angry with them, but try not to.

Whatever you are saying or doing is triggering them, bringing something up to their surface for them to see and to be worked on.

Seeking Professional Help

If you continue to be attacked and you cannot seem to clear it and prevent it, then I would highly recommend that you seek the assistance of an experienced energy healer. They will almost certainly be able to help you.

Preventing Psychic Attack

It really isn’t very pleasant being under psychic attack and I share this from experience, as it has happened to me a few times.

Some people have said to me in the past that they don’t agree with me saying about protecting energy, as they think that we should be open so that we can feel what is going on around us.

Well after what I have experienced in the past, I am not prepared to walk around wide open as it can be debilitating and quite frankly if I can prevent it then I will.

And if I can raise your awareness of it by sharing my knowledge with you then I will.

To help prevent psychic attack regularly clear your energetic space, your home, office, aura etc. Use herbs, white sage, intentions and if you are into them then spells.

Remember you are not here to harm anyone, just protect yourself and your loved ones.

Command entities or energy that doesn’t belong to you or your family, to leave your space - I do this every evening before I go to sleep.

Be rigorous with your grounding and protection.

If you would want to use crystals as a form of protection then here are some good ones to choose:

  • Amethyst
  • Chlorite
  • Ruby
  • Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black Obsidian

To help with the recovery you can use Tangerine Quartz, it is an excellent stone to use after shock or trauma.

Well I do hope that this blog has helped you. Hopefully you may never need to read it again, but just in case you know where to find it now.

Please do feel free to share it with others if you feel that it may benefit them.

With love

Isobel x

Wise Woman Musings