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Receiving and Understanding Signs and Messages

People often say to me that they have been trying to communicate with their guides, but they don’t think that their guides have heard them.

Or they don’t think that their guides have answered them. Because they haven’t seen any signs or heard them speak.

This is so common, especially when you first start to work with your guides.

First of all, I want to reassure you that your guides will have heard you. And that they will be in the background trying to get messages back to you.

Now, how you receive the messages is up to you. For example, I am predominately clairaudient, so I hear my guides talk to me. But I don’t hear them in my ears, I hear them in my head.
People who are mainly clairvoyant will see things in their third eye or ‘minds eye’, not necessarily with their 2 physical eyes, although some people do.

Some people will smell a loved one, or their favourite perfume and this may be the guides letting you know that they are there and have heard you.

Others may feel someone or something nearby or feel the answer come through to them.

It all depends on you and how you receive the messages. We are all different. And it all takes practice on your part.

The more that you talk to your guides, the more you will notice the signs that they send to you and how you receive them.

You can also ask them to show you a specific sign, or something that is so familiar to you that you really cannot be mistaken. So for e.g. if you are trying to communicate with one of your parents or grandparents who has passed over, you may get a sign as in a tune that comes on the radio that reminds you of them, or a light goes on and off, or the tap in the kitchen starts to run. You may smell pipe or cigarette smoke (if they smoked), or their scent or aftershave that they used to wear.

Be open to receive signs and messages in different ways.

And if you are totally new to this, then I would suggest that you start to communicate with your own guardian angel. For they will try their hardest to get you to notice signs and their messages and their support will always be positive, kind and from a place of love.

When you get a sign, acknowledge it and say thank you. And if you need some clarification then ask for it and see what comes back to you.

Give it a go and practice, practice and practice some more. So that you understand how you receive these communications.

Ask, believe and trust for they will not let you down xx

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