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Book an Angelic Healing session

I have been working with the healing energy of the angels for a number of years now and find it so beneficial and therapeutic, not only for myself, but also my clients, family and even my dog.

Their energy and presence is so comforting and nurturing, whilst also being powerful and kind.

These sessions usually comprise of us both having a chat about what you are going through at the moment and what you need help and assistance with.

The angels will offer you help and guidance via me.

This will be followed by a beautiful healing session, where I will guide you and hold space for you whilst the angels send through some incredible healing light.

Often balancing your chakras, clearing your meridians and helping you to release and transmute ‘stuck’ energy.

The healing will all depend on you and what your needs are and the angels will adjust to you.

Sessions last for approximately 90 minutes and take place online via Zoom.

All are delivered with love and the utmost confidentiality.