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What people have said about working with me

  • I’ve been taking readings, healing sessions and courses with Isobel for almost two years. She is wonderful - highly intuitive, supportive and inspiring, and funny! Her guides are amazing, I always received most helpful advice and guidance when making important decisions and choices and was provided with impressively accurate information about the current situations as well as forthcoming events. A couple of times, I decided I would not follow the guidance, and I ended up regretting it, because as could be seen later in the longer perspective, what the guides had recommended would have worked better for me, unreasonable or even crazy as it seemed at the moment. I cannot be more grateful to Isobel for her unique gift and always being so kind, helpful, patient and understanding. After each session I felt very positive, uplifted and inspired, being aware that I was supported by the universe and encouraged to move forward. I always think of Isobel with huge gratitude and admiration. Strongly recommended!

    – Yulia Meek
  • Wow wow wow! Today I had an Angel Card Reading by the lovely Isobel Gatherer, and it was brilliant! Not only is Izzy is a naturally intuitive psychic, she is also incredibly calming. I booked purely because I was curious having never had them read before, and I am so glad I did! I gained so much out of this call; it was uncannily accurate, helpful and truly beautiful. I took away some really insightful messages, which held great meaning for me, I really can’t recommend this service highly enough! Thank you so much Izzy xx

    – Kerry Anne Orr
  • I’m still reeling as to what I was told at my reading in May of this year. Not only is Isobel 100% accurate, she is also very gentle and sincere... You really won’t be disappointed.

    – Ness Peak
  • I had a fantastic reading with Isobel, a very calm, gentle caring lady. Do treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Xx

    – Dianne Manders-Twidale
  • Isobel is a truly gifted intuitive who is deeply connected to her guides and higher self and has harnessed this powerful connection to be a conduit for accurate messages for her clients. I had a reading with Izzy and without prior knowledge of my current situation she was able to confirm much of what I was already feeling and give me specific, practical guidance on how to move forward in my life and career in an encouraging and supportive way. She was also able to point out areas of my life where I could be managing my energy better and guided me to set myself up energetically now for what she saw for me in the future. I would highly recommend investing in working with Izzy if you are looking for guidance, support and clarity in your life, career or relationships. She’s the real deal and will help clear up any confusion, stress, or disconnection you’re experiencing.

    – Jo Westwood
  • Just had my 4th session with Isobel Gatherer, “The Listening Aunt”. once a week. Absolutely fantastic, feeling like a different person, thank you so much Izzy. Can’t wait for next week. x

    – Heather
  • Reflecting on the day after an incredible reading with the amazing Isobel Gatherer today. Still absorbing what she downloaded for me. If anyone is exploring the world of spirit guides and perhaps looking for help from the angels, I’d highly recommend this lady xxx

    – Karen Skidmore
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you/testimonial for our session yesterday evening. What’s more, having you describe the life I have in front of me aids manifestation SO much because it feels like it’s already existing, I just have to navigate my way to it. It’s less of a ‘okay I want this to happen to let’s manifest’ but more ‘this is my path, now let me lay down the brickwork to get there’. Truly I cannot thank you enough, I keep listening back over the call and finding new things to get excited about.

    – Lucinda Burgess-Farwell
  • Wow what an amazing intuitive lady, Isobel’s warm fun and friendly manner immediately put my mind at ease, making me feel comfortable and able to take in all she said and lucky she did because WOW that was a lot of great information and all totally relevant to me, I left feeling lifted and enlightened.

    – Rachael Pearson
  • I had an amazing reading from Isobel and have since recommended her to all my friends and clients. She is friendly, funny and gives you the confidence that the Angels are watching and supporting us with our every move. Xxx

    – Laura Dreczko
  • I just had an incredible reading with Isobel. She has a beautiful, warm and knowing energy. If you need to find some clarity or receive guidance then she’s your woman.

    – Lisa Pascoe
  • Isobel does the most amazing psychic readings, channellings, healing sessions and intuitive downloads from her Guides, which I have been privy to for the last couple of years, and they’re absolutely incredible. Her intuition is highly attuned and well, I’d recommend her to every single person reading this! She also teaches others about working with their guides and angels and how they can help you heal and grow in this lifetime.

    – Amy Hackett-Jones