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Isobel Gatherer

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Healing With Your Angels Meditation

Our angels are around us even more at this ‘special’ time of our evolution.

One of the things that they are here to do is to help us to navigate our life. And we can ask them to help us in so many different ways.

There is no doubt that life can be very challenging at times. And the angels have asked me to record this meditation to help you to deal with some of the everyday things that you may be facing.

It is a beautiful, calming and gentle meditation, working closely with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.

In this meditation you are sent unconditional love, strength, courage and wisdom to help you in your everyday life.

With love,

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Our spiritual journey is continuous and marvellous

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With every person we meet, every place that we visit, every moment that we have, the good and not so good, there will be something there for us to learn, teach or pay back.

It is a fantastic journey, full of wonder and as we learn more about it we begin to live a more wholesome life, full of peace, love and happiness.

Our angels and guides play a huge part in this journey of ours. Especially when we learn how to work with them.

For example, they ensure that we are in the right place at the right time to meet people who we are meant to meet. They present us with opportunities to assist us. They can guide us to overcome difficulties that we are facing. They can give us the strength and support that we need to help us along the way.

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Words of praise

  • Isobel is an incredibly talented and deeply wise psychic, intuitive and healer, and her guidance and support has been invaluable for me over the past few years. She has also has a wonderful sense of humour! Highly recommended!

    – Polly Alexandre
  • Working with Isobel is delightful! She shares her gifts with such ease and love that you can’t help but feel energized after a call with her. I gladly recommend all of her offerings. Her guidance continues to show up in my mind when I need it most. Book with her! You’ll be happy you did.

    – Ashleigh Domangue
  • Reflecting on the day after an incredible reading with the amazing Isobel Gatherer today. Still absorbing what she downloaded for me. If anyone is exploring the world of spirit guides and perhaps looking for help from the angels, I’d highly recommend this lady xxx

    – Karen Skidmore

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