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Shine Your Light

You have a mission in life, one where you have to put yourself in the forefront, where you are visible to others.
Your views may be challenged. You may be for criticised for your beliefs.
You may find yourself under attack, from other people.
It can be very tiring and exhausting at times. Believe you me, I know.
But you signed up for this, you said you’d come down and help.
You said you’d speak up, guide, teach, coach, write and heal.
You said you’d do it NOW.
So please don’t let other people’s opinions of you and your work stop you in your tracks.
Don’t let anyone dampen your spirit or get in your way.
You are stronger than this.
Where there is darkness there is light.
And the light is beautiful.
So shine your light out like a beacon, a beacon of hope and love.
And allow those who need to find you to do so.
With love xx
Photo by Ian Kiragu on Unsplash

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